High-Power Blue Laser Diode

High-Power Blue laser Diode for e.g. projection

Outstanding optical power in a compact package

With the laser diode PL TB450B, OSRAM Opto Semiconductors strengthens its leading role in lasers on Indium Gallium Nitride. Mounted in a compact TO56 package, the blue laser diode features an optical power of 1.6 W, and is particularly suitable as a light source for high-quality professional projectors.

High optical output power

The laser diode features high optical output power of 1.6 W. This high power in the visible range opens up new applications.

High efficiency and long lifetime

Thanks to its excellent efficiency of typical 30 % (ratio of light produced to electric power consumed), the temperature increase of the laser during operation is minimized. Hence it boasts a long life – up to 20,000 hours at 40 °C in continuous operation.

High beam quality in a small package

With its excellent beam quality, the PL TB450B is wellsuited for optical imaging of light. In addition, the laser is mounted in a compact TO56 package with improved heat dissipation.


Professional projectors with a luminous flux of more than 1,000 lumen are the main area of application. With its wave-length of 450 nanometer (nm) and output power above the 1 W range, the laser diode produces the exact blue desired and the high optical output required for this application. The long lifetime of the laser diodes allows for a maintenancefree operation of projectors at low energy consumption. Furthermore, the tiny package enables projectors with small form factors.

Medical Applications

Thanks to its high optical output power in the blue spectral range, the PL TB450B laser can be used for various medical applications.

Stage Lighting

Its high beam quality and small form factor make the OSRAM blue laser ideal as a light source for compact and highly efficient laser systems for stage lighting.

Laser activated remote phosphor

Blue lasers are in combination with phosphor suitable for the generation of white light. Compared to existing solutions, they are characterized by a particularly high luminous flux from a very small area. In the future, this property will facilitate new lighting functionalities

Technical data (@ Tcase 25 °C)
Output power1.6 W
Typ. emission wavelength450 nm
Typ. threshold current0.2 A
Typ. operating current1.2A
Typ. efficiency30%
Package typeTO56 improved
Thermal resistance15 K/W
High-Power Blue Laser Diode - PL TB450

Here you can find more information about all the available types of the High-Power Blue Laser Diode.

  • PL TB450