IR Dragon Family for Automotive, Industrial and Consumer applications

IR power in a small package

You can only get this much power from IR DRAGON, OSRAM Opto Semiconductors' strongest infrared emitter. Besides stellar performance in a small package, the IR DRAGON offers a long service life and high power in continuous driving mode thanks to its excellent thermal design. It operates at wavelengths designed to support CMOS and CCD camera applications.

The IR DRAGON benefits are unique in the infrared galaxy

Intergalactic performance

Thinfilm technology allows the IR DRAGON to achieve a wall-plug efficiency of approx. 35%. This corresponds to approximately half the value that can be achieved using semiconductor lasers and is superior to using spontaneous emitters.

A star in reliability

The IR DRAGON also has an extraordinarily long lifetime in DC mode, showing extremely stable behaviour. Furthermore, the package demonstrates a very good thermal design.

A galaxy of applications

The wavelength is designed for all CMOS/CCD camera applications. The IR DRAGON is also qualified for automotive applications.


Explore the intergalactic features of the IR DRAGON

SMT package:

  • The package comes with two wavelengths: 850 nm and 940 nm (strongly reduced red glow)
  • It’s also available with our new Nanostack technology which means nearly twice the optical output of our standard version
  • The IR DRAGON demonstrates high efficiency in a very small package with an emission area of 1 x 1 mm
  • The package is characterized by low thermal resistance and allows a maximum DC current of 1 A
  • Naturally, IR DRAGON is RoHS compliant and qualified for automotive applications

The IR DRAGON is suited for all infrared illumination projects. With this product, you can leap into a new galaxy of applications. The following examples are based on infrared illumination:


  • Pre-crash sensor
  • Seat occupancy
  • Driver assistance systems


  • Surveillance system (CCTV)
  • Machine security systems


  • Night vision flashlights for camera

Max. forward current (DC mode): 1 A
Thermal resistance: 9 K/W
Active chip area: 1 mm²

SFH 4232A

Total radiant flux (@ If = 1 A): 530 mW
Total power consumption: 2.1 W
Wavelength: 850 nm

SFH 4233

Total radiant flux (@ If = 1 A): 500 mW
Total power consumption: 1.8 W
Wavelength: 940 nm

SFH 4235

Total radiant flux (@ If = 1 A): 950 mW
Total power consumption: 3.4 W
Wavelength: 850 nm

Only these products have the power to be the brightest star

SFH 4232 (850 nm)

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SFH 4233 (940 nm)

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SFH 4235 (850 nm)

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SFH 4236 (850 nm)

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SFH 4239 (940 nm)

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External Lenses

In order to increase design flexibility several companies offer external optics designed for use with IR DRAGON from OSRAM Opto Semiconductors:

FRAEN S.r.l. FDG lenses series

  • 27 mm high lenses available with white or transparent lens holder
  • Available radiation characteristics (round angle 2 f):
    Wide lens 32°, medium lens 22°, narrow lens 9°, elliptical lens 13° x 20°

FDP lenses series

  • Low profile lenses available with white or transparent holder
  • Available radiation characteristics (round angle 2 f):
    Medium lens 18°, narrow lens 13°

Ledil Oy L2 Optics OPGD lenses series

  • Available radiation characteristics (half angle):
    Spot plus wide sub lens 15°, spot plus diffusor sub lens 5°, spot lens 2°, spot plus oval sub lens 4° x 27°
  • Triple lenses available

Polymer Optics LTD Lenses series

  • Hexagonal lens available with white hexagonal lens holder
  • Available radiation characteristics (half angle):
    Medium lens 15°, narrow lens 6°, oval lens 6° x 15°
  • Seven cell lenses available