Simulation Support

Simulate your system or application and get design support for your project to ensure the highest quality outcome.

Simulate your system or application and get design support for your project to ensure the highest quality outcome. With PASS (Premium Application Support Services), you’ll know your system works before you prototype your hardware.

Simulate Your Optical System

Using optical modeling software, PASS experts simulate your system with known opto-mechanical properties and specified LEDs to assess its performance.

  • Measure performance before going through the time & cost of producing hardware
  • Assess more than one option to choose the best solution

Optics Design Support

PASS experts will create a conceptual opto-mechanical proposal and model a system to your detailed performance specifications.

  • Get expert help meeting your system requirements with OSRAM Opto Semiconductors’ LEDs

Model Your Illumination Environment

We’ll install an LED system model in a specified environment using illumination software and assess its performance.

  • See your system in a virtual enviornment & verify performance
  • Enviornments including parking areas, streets, indoor spaces and many more
  • Measure system performance before actual installation

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  • System Prototype
  • Lumen Maintenance
  • Optical Design Support
  • Goniophotometer Measurement
  • LM-80 / TM-21 Reports

Simulate Your Thermal System

Use thermal modeling software to test thermo-mechanical geometry and material properties. You provide CAD system elements and materials information and we’ll provide the modeling.

  • Assess thermal performance before prototyping hardware
  • Compare options for thermal performance in a virtual enviornment

Thermal Design Support

Simply supply us with your specifications for performance and LED components and
we’ll help you design a system to meet those specifications

  • Get expert support to help you meet your thermal performance target
  • Save time and money

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Disclaimer: Qualification for PASS services will be evaluated based on the mutual business potential and opportunity. If, for any reason, what we can provide doesn’t fit your needs, we can help you find the right service through our LED Light for you partner program, a network of certified industry partners that will help connect you with the right solution provider. Not all services are available in all regions.