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IR and laser components are no longer just an option in today's modern mobile applications, they are clearly a must. Whether tablets, smartphones, wearables or augmented and virtual reality, they enable a wide variety of functions such as IR remote control, proximity sensing, eye tracking, health monitoring, gesture recognition and laser projection. OSRAM Opto Semiconductors offers not only the right components for the lighting and backlighting of mobile devices, but is leading the way especially in the fields of IR and laser. Our comprehensive portfolio allows you to realize state-of-the-art devices – and to develop new innovative solutions and visions. Get in touch with the future!

Our Applications: Biometric Identification (Iris Scan, Facial Recognition, Vein Scan and Finger Print), Health Monitoring and Fitness Tracking, Room Scanning, Position Scanning, and all other applications you can find in mobile devices like near to eye projection and also gesture recognition in VR Systems.

Learn more about OSRAM Opto Semiconductors LED / Laser and Infrared portfolio in the field of Mobile Applications which delivers the perfect performance for your solution.

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