The future of smart cities and communities

The future of smart cities and communities

A higher quality of life in the urban environment with applications extending beyond illumination

Municipal and urban lighting infrastructure offers the perfect framework for practical Smart City technologies. Existing streetlights can be upgraded with weatherproof, impact-resistant technology offering more than just illumination, such as the SmartPack, without problem, as the local town council is in charge of the lighting infrastructure: Coordination with property owners is not required. Municipal infrastructures have a tight-knit, extensive network of street lights at their disposal.

Everywhere that people can be found and Smart City technologies are required, lights are usually installed as well. They are already fitted with an electrical power supply. Smart City technologies are installed above the vandalism height. This installation height is also ideal for sensors and transmitters, which can screen a wide area from this position.

Streetlight 11 SmartPack

SmartPack with SmartCam

Streetlight 11 is the powerful, flexible solution for almost all outdoor lighting applications. Thanks to state-of-the-art technology, a variety of sizes and a flexible, modular approach, Streetlight 11 sets new standards in application-specific project implementation. In addition, it also provides a wide-ranging infrastructure basis for intelligent traffic management and other Smart City applications. The Streetlight 11 relies on customized control solutions for the digital processing of all the relevant data and information.

The SmartPack comes equipped with a compact video camera. The full-HD resolution outdoor camera is optimized for road conditions and features highlight compensation (HLC), dynamic brightness adjustment (WDR) and automatic noise suppression (DNR). In conjunction with the corresponding video analytics software, it can open up a wide range of application fields. OSRAM offers a broad portfolio of partner solutions for video analysis.

Smart Parking helps reduce the volume of traffic searching for parking:

  • Determines Free/Occupied status
  • Recognizes parking duration
  • Calculates frequency of use
  • Recognizes parking offenders

Smart Traffic helps to monitor and regulate the flow of traffic:

  • Monitors traffic density and flow
  • Recognizes congestion and the length of traffic jams
  • Counts the number and type of road users, e.g. people, bicycles, trucks, buses
  • Reports the direction of travel and wrong-way drivers

Smart Security can improve the safety of residents:

  • Video management systems
  • Data protection through pixelation