Smart street lighting for towns and companies

Smart street lighting for towns and companies

Three power packages to choose from

Intelligent control functions are an integral feature of all Siteco's outdoor LED luminaires. The intelligence integrated into the LED’s operating electronics allows the efficiency potential of the LED luminaire to be optimally harnessed. The regulation functions use the LED light’s outstanding feature of reducing the luminous flux without losses to increase energy- and costs-savings. The control functions of the Siteco LED outdoor luminaires are grouped into three different service packages: "Basic", "Plus" and "Premium". The luminous flux values can either be configured at the factory ("Basic" version), individually, using the Siteco service box ("Plus" version), or centrally, via Street Light Control ("Premium" version). The "Plus" and "Premium" packages provide the widest range of efficient, need-based LED luminaire control functions.

Your benefits

Three ways to smart lighting

Find out more about our Basic, Plus and Premium service packages below. While the Basic package is integrated in each luminaire, the Plus and Premium service packages can be parameterised. The following graphs provide an overview of standard, efficiency, communication and data management services:

Basic package

The Basic luminaires from OSRAM offer a night-time reduction to 50% luminous flux with only about 45% output via the control wire. A thermal overheating protection is an integral component of each luminaire. The LumIdent data management tool can be attached to all Basic luminaires, making spare parts management easier.

Premium package

Street Light Control allows the fully-integrated, networked management of outdoor lighting, from the regulation and monitoring of individual luminaires to thousands of different light points. Street Light Control reduces energy consumption, CO2 emissions and light pollution without neglecting the flexibility of need-based illumination. The central system element is an innovative platform with which the entire lighting system can be controlled and continuously monitored by Powerline or radio communication.

Street Light Control is a comprehensive, open and expandable Smart City system. It is the central interface through which all the information is gathered and made available to the user. The entire system is clearly structured and can be centrally controlled, managed and analyzed. The user can choose from a wealth of options for controlling and monitoring the lighting system. It is not only possible to define switching times for light groups or individual light points, but also to set override periods for renovation work or public holidays. Specific luminaires in the system can furthermore be selected for individual management.

The software makes scalability of the lighting system as a whole and the individual lighting points in particular very straightforward: For example, it allows the luminaires to be grouped together according to specific requirements, maintenance work to be scheduled in detail based on analysis data provided by the luminaire, and errors to be reported automatically The analysis functionality offers excellent transparency and control: It automatically collects the data of all the system's components and uses it as a basis to perform assessments and create diagrams. Thanks to its expandability, the lighting control system offers a wide range of integration options for sensors and other components.

SLC PL (Powerline)

With the powerful Tvilight lighting management platform, OSRAM Lighting Solutions is offering a future-oriented Smart City solution. It leverages the potential of data networks and links it with the urban lighting infrastructure. The Tvilight platform allows a scalable data infrastructure. Open interfaces for the integration of third-party systems are available as required. OSRAM and Tvilight together create comprehensive, modular and open Smart City solutions. Street lights are a valuable asset for every community, as they provide the foundation for a wireless and expandable infrastructure. Tvilight's intelligent lighting solutions help cities and communities convert their existing infrastructures into open, wireless platforms.

With Tvilight, they benefit from countless, intelligent IoT applications and can manage traffic, environment and resources more effectively. Tvilight provides a rugged wireless communication solution that is suitable for demanding environments. The use of a mesh network ensures a stable communication infrastructure that operates smoothly, even in the event of a subscriber failure. It also makes the use of motion sensors possible. As a result of the networked structure, movement information can be transferred without delay to other participants. In the future, the system architecture will allow "over-the-air" software updates, for example to widen the range of functionalities.

With the help of Powerline technology, existing power grids can be used to build up a data transmission network – without the need for additional cabling. This makes it the ideal technology for the straightforward and cost-efficient upgrading of lighting systems into a communications network. For this purpose, OSRAM relies on the Powerline ISO/IEC 14908 standard, which allows the integration of system components from different manufacturers.

Your benefits at a glance:

  • Communication via existing network cabling (existing infrastructure)
  • Straight-forward system expansion
  • Field-proven technology from the field of energy and automation technology
  • No disruption of communications due to weather conditions
  • Communication infrastructure physically protected from access by unauthorized persons and therefore particularly suitable for high-security environments such as military facilities and tunnels.

Individual and secure campus lighting

Royal Holloway, University of London – Egham, United Kingdom

Royal Holloway is a college of the University of London in Egham, about 20 miles from the center of London. The college has three faculties, 18 academic departments and around 9,000 students from more than 100 countries. Since March 2018 the excellent academic reputation of the college has been complemented by a brilliant innovative motion-controlled outdoor campus lighting system. CITY-LIGHT PLUS LED streetlights from SITECO and TVILIGHT CitySense Plus sensors together provide greater safety, greater security and optimum energy efficiency – entirely wireless with no complex and costly data cabling between the individual lights.

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Plus package

OSRAM Plus luminaires smarten up your lighting. The individual dimming profile can be pre-set on the mast and subsequently controlled automatically by the electrical ballast. This feature is configured with the Service Box and the LumIdent app.

Additional functions:

  • Luminous flux consistency over entire service life
  • Dimming without an external control signal: Integrated, ex-factory configured and programmable timer for gradual luminous flux reduction (time value and dimming value for maximum operation and incremental reduction can be changed on luminaires prior to and after installation using the Siteco® Service Box and the LumIdent app). Alternative luminous flux reduction through 230V voltage control.
  • Can be integrated on request into existing control systems via a digital interface and centrally operated by a control center.

Thanks to the software, the scalability of the lighting system is extremely simple, either in general aspects as well for the individual light points in particular : it enables, for example, a needs-based grouping of luminaires, exact planning of maintenance requirements based on analysis data of the luminaire and automatic reporting of faults. The analysis functionality offers excellent transparency and control: It automatically records the data of all system components and creates evaluations and diagrams on the basis of this data. Thanks to its expandability, the lighting control system offers a wide range of integration options for sensors and other components.

Service Box and LumIdent app

The operating electronics in all of Siteco's outdoor LED luminaires with the "Plus" performance package can be configured using the Siteco Service Box and the LumIdent app. The time and dimming values can be set for different degrees of illumination. The logic circuitry of the power reduction can likewise be reversed by means of a 230V control signal. An installed luminaire can be configured directly in the cable junction box on the mast using a Y-cable, the Siteco Service Box configuration interface and the LumIdent app. The parameters can also be set in advance, before a luminaire is installed. The parameters for each luminaire can be defined individually and saved in the respective luminaire, guaranteeing uniform, fast configuration of all the LED luminaire heads along one particular street or stretch of the road.
The settings can be saved, shared with other installation technicians and transferred to further luminaires at any time using the LumIdent app in conjunction with the Service Box. The data are sent per WLAN via the LumIdent app on the smartphone to the Siteco Service Box and then transmitted to the luminaire via the enclosed Y-cable. This process can be easily repeated in other luminaires.