Data management via mobile device

Data management via mobile device

Straight-forward, fast configuration and parameterization of luminaire data through nameplate and cloud solution

SITECO luminaires are being increasingly individualized. The ability to retrieve a luminaire's values quickly is essential for fast identification of its configuration, for example to reset parameters or order spare parts.
The larger a lighting system becomes, the more important it becomes

  • a structured inventory & asset management
  • and simple tools to operate and adjust the luminaires.

LumIdent provides these tools for Siteco customers: With the LumIdent QR code, the LumIdent App for the Smartphone and the Web-Tool for the PC. In addition to a quick overview of the status of the system, in the case of maintenance and repair, quick access to the settings and error messages of the luminaire, their properties and components becomes possible with LumIdent.

LumIdent QR code

The most important features:

Quickly find out about the luminaire type

  • Quickly find out the type of luminaire, light distribution, lumen package etc. by scanning the QR code.
  • This simpler storage and luminaire handling. Easier identification of accessories and spare parts.

Retrieve the electronic data sheet

  • Quick finding of the technical data for the present luminaire, e.g. Electrical protection class, impact protection and moisture protection.
  • This simpler storage and luminaire handling. Easier identification of accessories and spare parts.

With common QR code reader or LumIdent-App

  • Scanning is very easy. It can be done with a common QR code reader which has already been installed on the smartphone, or with the LumIdent app.
  • The supply and usage of the QR code is free of charge.

LumIdent App

The most important features:

View & change luminaire settings

  • Luminaire settings such as luminous flux reduction or nocturnal dimming can be performed with Siteco plus luminaires using the app in combination with the service box.
  • Dimming profiles can be easily created and assigned to the Plus luminaires, regardless of which ECG is installed. The number of parameterization tools used is thus reduced.

Digitize luminaire inventory & create registry

  • By registering the luminaire in the LumIdent app, a digital luminaire registry is created and the luminaire is inventoried. This gives Siteco customers a better overview of their luminaire stock.
  • The technical data of the luminaire optimize the quality of the recorded data. When registering "in the field", the geo-position can also be saved to display the luminaires on a map.

Diagnose errors

  • With the app, diagnostic data can be read out of the ECG, making it easier to determine errors.
  • The usage of the app for setting the luminaire is free of charge. The usage of registered luminaires‘ data is going will be charged in the future.

LumIdent Web-Tool

The most important features:

View & change luminaire settings

  • Luminaires, which have been register-ed with the app can be viewed on a large PC screen using the web tool.

Switch between table and map view

  • When displaying the lights on the screen, you may choose between a table view and a map view.

Export registered luminaires as a file

  • The luminaire file can be exported and imported into other inventory management systems.

The usage is free of charge until further notice.

find the LumdIdent Webtool here