Better to burn calories than devour electricity

Ideal lighting conditions are one thing. But the figures also have to add up for anyone making an investment: maintenance costs, running costs, energy costs. This applies for both new installations and renovations alike. In sports halls in particular, it is especially worthwhile to switch from conventional technology to LED lighting solutions. The bottom line is a short payback period and in part more than twice as efficient operation – paired with significantly improved light quality. Especially practical: existing mounting points can often be re-used for a renovation. Optimized new mounting points and thereby fewer luminaires offer additional savings potential.

Old installation:

New installation:
(1x181W LED)

Number of luminaires10828
Number of light sources/modules32428
Energy consumption per luminaire (W)165181
Annual power consumption (kWh)16,0384,561
Power consumption savings (kWh)11,477
Annual energy costs (EUR) 3,528.361,003.46
Annual savings (EUR)2,524.90
CO2 emission factor (kg/kWh)0.460.46
Annual CO2 emission (kg/year)7,3922,102
Annual CO2 reduction (kg/year)5,290

Renovation of a sports hall with the following requirement:

  • Hall dimensions: 44mx26m
  • Room height 7m, MH 6m
  • Required lighting level: 500lx
  • Operation: 4.5 h/day, 200 days/year
  • Electricity price: EUR 0.22 /kWh