Lighting solutions for parking spaces

Reliable illumination for safe parking and walking

When thousands of motorised spectators need access to a car park, well-designed lighting is essential for them to feel safe and be routed effectively. OSRAM Lighting Solutions has equipped many car parks and walkways with efficient, sustainable LED lighting systems.

Indoor parking

Orientation and safety

Indoor car parks can be confusing and even scary. An evenly-lit car park where markings and signage, parking spaces and parked vehicles, entry and exit lanes, doorways, lifts and stairs are clearly visible whenever people are present is a safer place for drivers and pedestrians alike. OSRAM Lighting Solutions offers specially designed lights for lanes and ramps, and motion detection control for easy orientation and confidence. LED luminaires conserve energy and cut operating and maintenance costs.

Outdoor parking

Avoiding confusion, ensuring good guidance

Outdoor car parks require bright night-time lighting to help drivers find their way and recognise other moving vehicles promptly while inspiring trust in individuals walking to or from their vehicles at night. Security personnel require adequate light to be able to discern suspicious activity through their surveillance cameras. Energy-efficient, low-glare LED street lights and radially faceted luminaires by OSRAM Lighting Solutions provide high-quality car park and access road illumination for optimal vision while avoiding light spill into the neighbourhood, and smart lighting control systems can switch the lights down to conserve energy when nobody is present.

Path lights

Sure footing in any weather

Pedestrians depend on excellent illumination even more than drivers. A sports complex comprising many halls and accessory buildings can involve kilometres of walkways where visitors not familiar with the locality might get lost. Making sure guests feel welcome and well taken care off by providing good lighting is therefore good business practice. Custom-designed step and path lights by OSRAM Lighting Solutions help pedestrians find their way around, see where they are stepping, recognise signs and markings, and arrive safely to their destination.

Bright and smart car park

Volkswagen Indoor Car Park - Baunatal, Germany

Setting a new standard in energy efficiency, Volkswagen installed Siteco LED luminaires and infrared sensors by OSRAM Lighting Solutions at the car park of its Baunatal logistics centre, cutting energy consumption by 65 %.

Energy Audit for your parking space

Make sure to save as much energy as possible

When planning a major new lighting project, whether for an existing site or a new build, it is a good idea to have experts from OSRAM Lighting Solutions perform an energy audit to assess the present and future lighting need and the resulting energy consumption. The audit will then serve as a basis for the design and lay-out of a new, energy-efficient lighting system.

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