Pleasant brightness, clear guidance

Mezzanine level at Marienplatz - Munich, Germany

Clear and bright – the upgraded mezzanine level of the Marienplatz subway and metro station in Munich, one of the most important public traffic nodes in Munich with up to 200,000 passengers each day. Following a construction period of three and a half years, the control room refurbished by the Munich municipal authorities and the Munich transport company was inaugurated at the end of October.


Категория: Smart City
Местоположение: Munich, Germany
Технология/Сервисы: Luminaires
Год: 2015

A central design feature is the orange-red, lightly reflective ceiling. More than 1,000 specially developed LED light lines were integrated into this. A diverse range of patterns is created in the ceiling plates with a variety of lengths and configurations.

LED wallwashers also illuminate the signage in the hall with a size of 4,200 square metres. This makes sure that passengers can always see signs to the various platforms, tracks and service facilities.


  • LED light lines
  • LED wallwashers

Партнер проекта

Architect: Allmann Sattler Wappner
Planner: Ingo Maurer