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Looking for quick answers? Here you will find all frequently asked questions about our LED vehicle lighting.

LED lamps offer a multitude of advantages, including their distinctive cool white light, which gives cars a modern look. Thanks to their instant light output, they provide faster signals and thus enable drivers behind you to react faster. In addition, they are characterized by their long lifetime and high energy efficiency compared to conventional lamps.

OSRAM LEDriving FL and SL replacement lamps are plug & play solutions that make the replacement as easy as it gets.

OSRAM LEDriving HL high and low beam replacement lamps can be easily installed with an adapter. However, there are specific vehicle restrictions for them. Please read the respective user manual and have a look at the compatibility overview, which you can find at

This problem only affects lamps from our LEDriving HL and LEDriving SL product ranges. Check the lamp’s polarity and its contacts for corrosion. If your LED lamp does not turn on, you probably need to:

  1. Remove the LED lamp from the housing.
  2. Rotate the lamp by 180°.
  3. Put it back in the housing.
  4. Make sure the LED is on.

For more information, please refer to the user instruction.

Due to their higher level of energy efficiency, LEDriving replacement lamps use significantly less power than traditional lamps. This lack of power consumption could be interpreted as a broken lamp by the body control unit. The LEDriving CANBUS CONTROL UNIT serves as a bypass of a vehicle’s lamp failure detection system when using a LEDriving replacement lamp without compromising on the lamp’s performance or lifetime. The control unit is easily installed and is suitable for most vehicle models with an automatic lamp failure detection system.

LED lamps are significantly more robust than conventional lamps and are therefore easy to handle. You only have to avoid touching the LED chips as they are heat-sensitive.

OSRAM offers two product ranges of LED signal lamps: LEDriving PREMIUM SL and LEDriving SL. The ranges mainly differ in terms of:

1. Brightness level
2. Electronic features
3. Quality level
4. Lifetime
5. Guarantee (Refer to for precise conditions)
6. Packaging design

Features of LEDriving PREMIUM SL

  • High color temperatures of up to 6,000 K
  • Superior brightness
  • Replaces conventional lamps
  • Premium OSRAM quality
  • Long lifetime of up to 5,000 h

Features of LEDriving SL

  • High color temperatures of up to 6,000 K
  • High brightness
  • Replaces conventional lamps
  • OSRAM quality
  • Lifetime of up to 2,500h with low energy consumption

We offer dedicated solutions for fog (FL) as well as high and low beam (HL) application. While LEDriving HL have been designed for optimum performance in far-field application, LEDriving FL are ideal for near-field application.

LEDriving replacement lamps do not have ECE approval. This means they must not be used on public roads in any exterior application. Use on public roads leads to cancellation of operating license and loss of insurance coverage. Several countries do not allow sale and use of these products. Please contact your local distributor for information on the availability in your country.

LEDriving replacement lamps for signal lighting are compatible for cars and motorcycles. We offer dedicated solutions for 24 V signal lighting:

LEDriving HL high and low beam lamps are compatible with 12 V and 24 V vehicles:

LEDriving FL fog lamps are only designed for 12 V application:

LEDriving HL high and low beam lamps are not equipped with an internal resistor due to the negative effect on the lamps’ performance and lifetime. Furthermore, additional resistors are not necessary for all car models or applications.

LEDriving HL high and low beam lamps do have limitations in terms of compatibility for certain verhicles. Please consult our vehicle overview to see if LEDriving HL are compatible with your vehicle.

Forward lighting:

  • High and low beam headlight
  • Fog light

Signal lighting:

  • Parking/marking light/position light
  • Indicator light
  • Door/side light
  • Tail light
  • Brake light
  • License plate light and more

Interior lighting:

  • Dome light
  • Reading light
  • Dashboard light
  • Glovebox light
  • Legroom light
  • Trunk light and more

In addition to the general advantages of LED lamps, LEDriving replacement lamps provide benefits that you only find at OSRAM:

  • OSRAM quality control
  • Longer lifetime thanks to optimized heat management systems
  • OSRAM guarantee*
  • Continuous high-performance light output
  • High color temperature & homogeneous light distribution
  • Perfect fit
  • Easy plug & play installation
  • Easy-to-reach customer service

* Refer to for precise conditions.

LEDriving replacement lamps are available in different light colors. Check the end of the order reference number to identify the color version:

  • CW = Cool White (6,000 K)
  • WW = Warm White (4,000 K)
  • BL = Blue
  • GR = Green
  • R = Red
  • YE = Amber

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